Golden retriever is given a new toy – and she can’t hide how much she hates it

Dogs can find happiness in the smallest things and it’s their infectious enthusiasm for anything and everything that makes them so loveable.

But one golden retriever has gone viral for her less-than-impressed reaction to a new toy she was gifted by her owner.

Sunday the dog lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has more than 6,500 followers on Instagram thanks to her adorable videos, including shaking with excitement when she sees tacos for dinner and running away from a robot hoover.

In her latest video, the golden wanders into her room to discover her owner has bought her a stuffed toy dog for company, as its smiling face and paws hang over the edge of a chair.

Obviously unhappy with the new addition to the family, Sunday furiously barks at the toy and runs away in terror, hilariously checking back to make sure the stuffed animal isn’t following her.

The short clip was posted this week with the caption: “Mahm there is an intruder! Mahm there is an intruder! Mahm did you hear me! Oh my dog I think it moved!”

Thousands of people have viewed the video, with dozens flooding the comments section to say how sweet it is.

One wrote: “Hahahaha! Poor babe! This fake golden brother is so scary!”

A second said: “Good job telling him who the BOSS is.”

Another added: “Omg hahaha, I’m cracking up.”

It’s not the only dog to leave viewers in stitches recently after a cheeky Yorkshire terrier called Thomas stole his owners fake teeth and wore them perfectly.

Little Thomas ran around the house with a smile as big as him, avoiding any attempts to retrieve the oversized set of comedy teeth – and he looked absolutely delighted with himself.