Peyton Manning on empty stadiums: Ask somebody on the Chargers

Peyton Manning took a little shot at the Chargers when asked about pro sports being played in empty buildings.

Manning was asked to address the Denver Nuggets over video conference, and one player asked him how he’d prepare for playing in an arena without fans, which the Nuggets will do when the NBA resumes play in its “bubble” in Orlando. Manning responded with a joke about the Chargers so often having so few fans in their stadium.

“He was like, ‘I’m just not the one to answer that question,’” Nuggets player Mason Plumlee told the Denver Post of the team’s meeting with Manning. “’You’d probably have to ask somebody with the Chargers or one of these other teams.’ . . . It was like talking to somebody in the locker room, which was really cool.”

This year the Chargers may have no choice but to play in empty stadiums, in which case they’ll feel right at home.